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Advocacy Resources

Please explore these pages to find materials and methods to help you be a better advocate for your program at all levels – school, district, state and federal.

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Broader Minded Media Resources

What is the role of music in educating our nation’s students? It’s a fact that studies have shown positive links between engagement with music and academic achievement. That’s important. But we believe that music does something even better for our students than what can be measured directly on a test score. Music shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them. It allows for deep engagement with learning. It nurtures creativity, curiosity, and personal motivation. In other words, music is essential to a superior 21st-century education.



Make Your Case Database

This page contains resources that you might use in your advocacy efforts. We encourage you to review the information and select that which best suits your individual situation. If you have questions about advocacy or would like help in your efforts, please contact



General Resources

Use to support presentations, and share in discussions with stake holders, the press and interested citizens. Educate yourself and others to the importance of music education!


How-to Advocacy Guides

Materials to help you promote and protect your program, and pull together an advocacy team. Tips for working with stake holders and constituents.


Media Resources

Useful for education, engagement, and inspiration! Share at concerts, meetings and with interested citizens.


Federal Resources

Learn about the issues and processes that effect music education. Stay savvy and keep abreast of the latest legislative initiatives.


State Resources

Find state specific information on policy, statistics, and arts education.