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Calling all music educators, music students, music parents, and friends of music education…


We want to let our communities and lawmakers alike know how vital music education is for students and for our society. 

EVERY music program is important and EVERY music teacher, parent, administrator, and student makes a difference.  When we share our stories, we share the importance of our work.



Here’s what you can do to help:


1.    Login or Join NAfME’s Groundswell.  (Joining is free. You do not need to be a NAfME member to join.)  Once you have your login and password, come back to this page!

2.    Post your story to the Groundswell by clicking here.  Tell us why music education has mattered to you (or your children, or your students, or even your friends)! In your story, please tell us your city, state and zip so we can match you to the right Congressional representative and add your story to our map.  Your story will appear on Groundswell’s blog after moderator approval.


3. Share your story with at least one other person. Consider sharing your story by…

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to join Groundswell and share your story! 


How to write to elected officials:

Writing to your elected representatives

Sample letter


You can also email us your story directly at!


NAfME will be working with state and national music education leaders to share your stories with even more elected officials after the election!

How many stories can we collect?  Help make our Campaign a success—it’s up to you!